Frequently Asked Questions

Is this your first time to Stehekin? We are glad you are interested in visiting our little community, so here are a few things to keep in mind while you are planning your get-a-way…

There are many things that make Stehekin unique, but probably the biggest one is that you really have to WANT to get here. There are NO roads that connect Stehekin to the rest of the world, so if you are coming to stay, make sure you aren’t planning to just drive here. Some extra planning is required to make this dream vacation a reality. See the Transportation page for more information on getting here.

Read on for answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions…

You can use a credit card quite a bit in Stehekin, but I highly recommend bringing a checkbook and some cash as well. While many businesses have figured out how to take credit cards, everything in Stehekin relies on satellite technology, and, well, it isn’t always reliable. There are also some smaller businesses that are still not set up for credit cards, so you will need either a check or cash if you want to purchase something from them. If you do plan to use a credit card here, be sure it is a Visa or Mastercard, or you will be pretty much out of luck.

A loaner vehicle is available for your use during your stay. It will be waiting for you at the Stehekin Landing (unless otherwise arranged prior to arrival), and you should return it there when you depart. Loaner bikes are also available at the cabin, or you can rent some from Discovery Bikes. You will also be in easy walking distance from the Stehekin Pastry Co, Rainbow Falls, the Old School, and the Stehekin Landing. In addition, there is a shuttle service which runs the 11 miles from the Stehekin Landing to High Bridge. At the time of this writing, the cost of the shuttle was $8 each way/person. They will pick you up or drop you off anywhere along the main road.

Weather in Stehekin is…hard to predict. Very generally speaking, if you are looking for hot, you should come in late July or August. June can be cooler, and September usually feels like fall. There can be rain most anytime in the summer, although it does not usually rain often. Winds tend to pick up in the afternoons. All of that being said, by all means, check a weather report before your trip. There’s a 50/50 percent chance of it being right! Be ready for anything!


Sort of. If you are looking for fresh produce, you may find what you want at “The Garden”, located just across the road from the cabin. Karl sells organic vegetables and fruit as it is in season. You can also pick up bread and other pastry items at the Stehekin Pastry Co, about 1/4 mile up the road. There is also a VERY limited general store at the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin. If you are planning to cook, you should plan to bring everything you need for your meals. The store may have something if you forget it, but don’t count on it. They do sell beer and wine there as well, but if you are picky, bring your own of that too. Also, no one sells any tobacco products here, so come prepared.

The cabin holds up to 6 people. The master bedroom has a queen bed, the 2nd bedroom has a full bed, and there are also queen & twin size blow up mattresses as optional beds. The couches aren’t bad to sleep on either. All of that being said, it is not a very big cabin and has only 1 bathroom, so the ideal number of guests is 2-4.

No, no, probably. There is no Television, although a small TV is provided to watch DVD’s on. There is no phone. Wireless internet is provided (with a password), BUT…The internet is via satellite, and there is always a possibility that it will not be working. When it does work, it works pretty well. Not broadband, but reasonably fast. I do NOT guarantee that the internet will be functional during your stay. If you can’t handle being disconnected, this is probably not the vacation destination for you.

There is a public pay phone at the Landing. It does not take coins, you will need a calling card. Calling cards may be purchased at the store at the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin.

No. You should bring your own toiletries.

That depends somewhat on the year. Some years they aren’t too bad at all, and some years they are brutal. I highly recommend bringing repellent with you.

In the winter, there are roughly 90-100 residents that call Stehekin home.

You sure can. There are various routes into Stehekin. The 3 most popular routes are: 1) Taking the Lady of the Lake boat to Prince Creek, then hiking either the Lakeshore or Summit Trails into Stehekin. 2) From Hwy 20, take the Bridge Creek trail south to Stehekin. 3) From Hwy 20, drive to the end of the Cascade River Road and hike over Cascade Pass to Stehekin.
There are many other routes into Stehekin as well. If you decide to hike in, you can also utilize the shuttle service from trailheads along the Stehekin Road. We also may be able to leave a car for you at the trailhead if you make arrangements for that in advance.

There are several ways to get here, just not in your personal car. You can:

  1. Take a passenger ferry boat. There are 2 companies offering ferry service on Lake Chelan:
    Stehekin Ferry – Best option if you have a long drive to get to Lake Chelan. This boat leaves Field’s point at 1pm.
    Lady of the Lake – They have 2 boats, the Lady Express and the Lady II. Both boats leave the dock in Chelan at 8:30am. The Lady Express take 2 hours, the Lady II is a more leisurely trip arriving in 4 hours.
  2. Hike in. There are many trails to choose from, so just get out and walk!
  3. Bring your own boat. Come on up in your own boat. When the lake level is up, you can dock right at this cabin! The main Stehekin marina is also available for private boaters. A docking permit is required there (you can purchase a permit at the general store for $5/day, $40/season.) For other important information about this option, visit the Transportation page.

Generally speaking, yes. While I cannot say that there has never been a car broken into there, it is extremely rare. Field’s point is gated, and also manned during the day.

Generally speaking, June-September. Actual dates vary year to year.

Useful Stehekin Links

Places to Eat:

Stehekin Pastry Company – Our local bakery. Once you go in, you won’t want to come out! Lots of tasty treats, and a fun atmosphere. Tourists and locals alike enjoy this hangout.
Stehekin Valley Ranch – Provides hearty dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. Reservations required.

Things to See & Do:

The Garden – Organic garden selling fresh produce, goat cheese, local honey and maple syrup.
Discovery Bikes – Provides bike rentals, as well as a Ranch Breakfast Ride (eat a hearty breakfast at Stehekin Valley Ranch, then bike back downvalley.)
Stehekin Fishing Adventures – Guided fishing trips in the Stehekin Valley.
Buckner Homestead Heritage Foundation – Info about the history and current events happening at our local apple orchard.
Stehekin Outfitters – Daily horseback trail rides and pack horse supported trips into the back country.
Stehekin Valley Ranch – Electric Bike rentals, Massage.

Other Places to Stay:

Stehekin Cedar Cabin – Located across the street from my cabin. If you have a larger group, you might want to rent both!
Stehekin Log Cabins – Located next to the Stehekin Pastry Co. – accommodations are available in the winter as well.
Stehekin Valley Ranch – 9 miles upvalley, cabins with meals and transportation provided.
North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin – Located at the Stehekin Landing, and provides rooms, restaurant, gift shop, and various rentals.