Find all the travel info you need for your Stehekin Vacation here!

Stehekin is a tricky place to get to – no roads connect from the rest of the world. Whether you are looking to come on a boat or hike in on the trail, click here for information about planning your trip.

Once you get here, how do you get around? Have no fear! Click here for info on transportation options within the Stehekin Valley.

Travel to Stehekin

Half the fun of vacationing in Stehekin is getting here. Located at the head of Lake Chelan, there are no roads connecting this small community to the rest of the world. Be prepared to take a boat, plane, horse, or your own 2 feet to get here.

The majority of guests first travel to the city of Chelan, and then take a 50 mile ride on a passenger ferry boat to get to Stehekin. Or, you can bring your own personal boat. Be sure to read the info below if you decide to bring your boat.

You may wish to spend one night in Chelan before continuing up to Stehekin. For information on Chelan motels, boat schedules, float planes, buses or other services call the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce at 1 (800) 4-CHELAN.

There are also many trail options for hiking in as well. The National Park Service is a great resource for determining trail conditions and route information.

Travel Options for getting to Stehekin:

Lady of the Lake – Passenger Ferry: The Lady Express and Lady II passenger ferries will take you from Chelan (or Field’s Point) to Stehekin. This is the most common method of getting to Stehekin, with daily service in the summer. Go to their website ( or call their office (888-682-4584) for full schedule, rates, driving directions, or to make reservations for the boat

Bring your own boat: If you decide to arrive in your own boat, here are some things to keep in mind: During the main summer months, most private boats should be able to get to this dock. However, you should be aware that Lake Chelan is regulated by a dam, and the lake level will go down early and late season, making it impossible to get to this shallow dock. In this case, you will have to dock at the main marina ($5/day or $40/season dock permit required), but you can drive our loaner car from there. There is also quite a bit of wood and shallow areas at the head of the lake, so if you are unfamiliar with this area, slow down and exercise caution after passing the main marina at Stehekin. Click here to see a map and directions for travelling the upper end of the lake to the Cabin.

Getting Around in Stehekin

Complimentary Vehicle

I provide a complimentary vehicle with the cabin. It will be at the landing for you to use to get to and from the cabin, as well as driving around to various destinations in Stehekin while you are here. It is an SUV with an automatic transmission. It will hold quite a lot, but larger groups may have to make multiple trips. Conveniently, it is under 2 miles from the boat landing to the cabin. All drivers must carry their own insurance and be over 21. 

Stehekin Shuttle Service

There is a bus service serving the lower 11 miles of the Stehekin Valley Road. You’ll see them coming – they are the “Big Red Buses”. Cost is $8 per person each way. This cabin is located about 200 yards from the Stehekin Valley Road, so you can just walk to the end of the driveway and catch the bus right there at the road. The bus will pick you up or drop you off at any point along the road, so you can use it to get to trailheads or other points of interest such as Rainbow Falls and Buckner Orchard.

Other Methods of Travel

Many points of interest are within walking distance of the cabin. The Stehekin Pastry Co. is an easy walk up the road (less than 1/2 mile). The Garden – an organic garden where you can purchase produce and other locally produced foods – is located directly across the Stehekin Valley Road from the driveway. Also within 2 miles are Rainbow Falls, the Old School House, Buckner Orchard, and the Landing.

Bicycles are also a great option for getting around the valley. There are some cheap bikes here at the cabin, and you can also rent some higher quality ones from Discovery Bikes (located near the boat landing). Or, you can bring your own bike on the Lady of the Lake ferry boats.